House Rules

The source of the recipes for my baking projects comes from the internet, the baking books I bought or the baking classes I attended.

More often than not, I will take the time to type out (in the format most effective for my personal use) and share the recipes I’ve obtained from the internet since they are free and easily available for downloading anyway.  On rare occasions when I do not, it is usually because I’m running late or is too lazy at that point in time to type it out.  I usually do return to the post and put up the recipe within a day or two.  Hence, I do appreciate it if you accord me with the due credit and respect if you are going to copy them wholesale onto your own site.

There are other occasions where I bake using recipes from my collection of baking books or those recipes obtained during baking classes I attended.  I shall not be putting up the recipes in such cases, for I believe in respecting the authors and my baking instructors/school.  In other words, I have a healthy respect for copyright.  And I would like to ask that of you too.

Please do not leave comments or email me to ask for the recipes in such cases.  Comments and emails of such nature will be deleted in a heartbeat because I do receive too many of such requests.