Again, another unintended and unplanned fresh start.

So. This is another great opportunity to start afresh, except there really isn’t much to rebuild, since I was rather inactive on the previous version of this site anyway. Suffice to say that this site has not been receiving the attention it deserved for the past 4 years or so. At some point in time, it did ever cross my mind to shut it down for good – not because it costs a lot (in every sense) to maintain, but more so because a blog without new posts is as good as dead.

That was until a very dear friend asked me one day if I would resume regular blogging – she said that she missed seeing new photos of my bakes for she loved looking at them when she needed some cheering up.

Her comment gave me pause. I didn’t know my blog had that effect on her, or for that matter, perhaps other readers as well. You see, getting nothing but requests for recipes from some passerby readers could become quite tiresome.

I decided to put things into perspective instead. Not everyone who visited my site wanted to push my buttons and test my boundaries. Through the blog, I met several like-minded bloggers and also had a regular group of readers which I had unfortunately lost after an absence of 4 years. I enjoyed the interaction and the writing. More importantly, I really do enjoy the baking and photographing.

All previous posts and comments are completely gone. Forever. I didn’t back-up. Rather, I chose not to back-up although I did save all the posts in pdf format for reference. In retrospect, it was less painful than I thought.

I don’t intend to re-use the old posts much, in fact, none if I could help it, so it might take a while to rebuild the site again. If you were a faithful reader from the blog of my previous ‘era’, you would already have a glimpse into my personal blogging style. If you had liked it, then I would like to invite you to stay tuned for more.

To my new readers, let me extend a warm welcome to you! To start off, you may wish to begin with some house rules first.

Blessed Christmas

We are currently freezing our asses off vacationing in Europe – Munich, to be exact – busking in the magical atmosphere of a White Christmas. Let’s hope I find time to bake more often in 2012!

Perfect Strangers

Perfect strangers they once were, but they are now buddies, and my very able assistants in my little kitchen! I’m sure they need no further introduction…

My trusty 4-year old KitchenAid has served me very well. This is the single most expensive big-ticket item I’ve invested in. At least for my baking escapades, it is. Readers who followed me since the old blog would know that my KA is not in white, I chose the pink one because part of the proceeds were donated towards the fight against breast cancer. A noble cause it is.

Once in a while, I do dream of owning a white KA instead. The thing with KA is that, it is so hardy I might not find the need to replace this current one in my lifetime. Oh well… I could always consider painting it white. Or leaving it alone.

And this second item – iPad2 – also does not require any introduction. Thanks to a good friend, I manage to land my hands on a 64GB wifi-version of the white iPad2 on 29 Apr 2011, the very first day it was launched in Singapore. While sharing in my joy, you must be wondering how an iPad could become my assistant in the kitchen. You see, I’ve started saving all my recipes as PDF files so effectively, my iPad has become my portable recipe book! Not only that, it has also become my portable piano and violin book since I do buy some scores over the internet. And I must say flipping the pages while playing on the piano and violin has never been easier!

Most importantly, I help save some trees!

Let me know if you have some creative ways of utilising your iPad ya?

Season’s Greeting!

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