My personal dictum in life is that, foods prepared with love always taste better. For that very reason, I started venturing into the kitchen again in my mid-20s, purely driven by an innate interest and a morbid desire to satisfy my then-boyfriend-now-husband’s finicky palate.

I started late – I was only formerly introduced to baking at the age of 13 during home economics classes in secondary school, though my first memories of watching baking-in-process dated back as early as a tender age of 3. Till today, almost 3 decades later, I could still vaguely recall the image of my aunt busy whisking the batter for a pandan chiffon cake while baby-sitting me.

I believe I inherited the penchant for baking from my Dad’s side of the family. Mum has never been interested in baking. Why, she doesn’t even have a baking oven at home! For this reason, she has always wondered why her daughter, I, ended up liking to bake so much.

No one is born knowing how to bake (but yes, I admit there are many who are just simply talented in this area, for I have met several), and it can be easily picked up at any stage of one’s life. It is with this belief that I set up this website: to share my own trials and tribulations on this baking journey. I consider myself an amateur baker so I don’t profess to know everything, but I promise to help if I’m able to.

Enjoy the ride.