Fudgy Chocolate Cake for a Father

It’s Father’s Day today but the family has decided ahead to defer our celebration till next week or so. It’s always a little tricky come June every year because little sis’ birthday will be a week before Father’s Day, and mine a week or so after. To complicate matters, mum’s birthday is 2 weeks after mine. If we abide strictly to celebrating every family event in June/July, we would be indulging every weekend and that’s very bad for our waistlines, not to mention our health. And in any case, the parents have a social event to attend this evening so we didn’t have to fret very long to arrive at our eventual decision.

A formal family celebration aside, this day cannot go by without a lesser form of acknowledgement (or my rather sensitive dad might feel under-appreciated). I started planning to bake several miniature cakes earlier this week, and consulted mum and little sis for ideas. Unfortunately, my family have very boring palate – we finally settled for the very safe choice of a chocolate cake. Well yes, the non-chocolate fancier has to bake yet another chocolate cake.

So there you have it, a two-layer chocolate fudge cake cut into miniatures with creamy chocolate fudge frosting slapped in between layers and at the top. And because this is for the dad who is the antithesis of ‘loud’, I placed some Varlhona crunchy pearls as the simple final touches. No elaborate creaming, no loud colours. Not the prettiest of cakes, but that’s not an issue since the dad eats almost anything. I most resemble him in this respect, apart from our inane need to tidy all wire/cable bundles.

A friend jokingly posted a status update on his Facebook account, exclaiming that today is a day to celebrate the failure of all fathers. I wondered why he feels so but this friend of ours has always been known to be a little wacky. And I somewhat disagree with him. I can’t speak for all dads, but my dad was ahead of his peers even when he was a brand new father. He believed that the responsbility of bringing up children falls on the shoulders of both parents, not just the mum. Needless to say, the dad was very involved during our growing up years. Thank you daddy.

Happy Father’s Day!

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